19 September 2011

Insurance Council Welcomes Flood Mapping

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) today welcomed the introduction of detailed floodplain maps from Queensland Government and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.

ICA Executive Director and CEO, Rob Whelan praised the development of Floodplain maps as a big step forward for Queensland.

“This is a crucial initiative from the Queensland Government that will provide a standardised approach to floodplain management across the state,” Mr. Whelan said.

“Having this data publicly available will help develop community understanding of the risks of flood and how these risks can be mitigated.

“The new floodplain mapping data will also benefit insurers, who will be able to offer customers more policy options and greater certainty about what areas are prone to flooding.

The ICA had previously highlighted the importance of developing flood maps in a submission to the Natural Disaster Insurance Review.

“We believe that mitigation and improved building standards are two ways of preventing sustained flooding in the future.

“Governments, community and the insurance industry have a shared interest in ensuring that we know as much about flooding and those areas prone to persistent flooding as possible,” Mr. Whelan said.

“The ICA sees the government provision of flood data as a key step forward in tackling natural disasters and this initiative by the Queensland Government fits in perfectly with that view.

“Queensland is Australia’s most flood prone state and reducing the future threat to property is the only sustainable solution.

“The ICA will continue to work with all levels of government to achieve this objective.

“The Queensland Government’s decision to release the detailed flood mapping is a great start to this process”, Mr Whelan said.


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