26 November 2020

Safer and more resilient homes now and for our future generations

The inaugural Building Stronger Homes Roundtable took place in Canberra today.

The Roundtable was convened by the Insurance Council of Australia and Master Builders Australia to develop proposals that will help strengthen homes and communities against natural disasters.

It was attended by builders and insurers from across Australia, along with representatives of the property, banking, real estate and architect industries, and state and federal government departments.

The Roundtable brought together industry insights that will help map actions to improve resilience and insurability of Australian homes.

ICA CEO Andrew Hall said: “The family home is an Australian’s great single economic asset. Insurance is a fundamental protection for that asset. Insurance prices the risk to any asset, and ensuring those risks are mitigated to the best of our ability is key for both protecting the home and protecting their financial wellbeing”

MBA CEO Denita Wawn said: “there’s a willingness to explore practical and effective options that enable industry to deliver more resilient buildings and give consumers confidence. This also relies on Building Ministers fixing failures in the regulatory system that starts with acting on Shergold-Weir Building Confidence reforms”

“This must include establishing better processes for: collecting and sharing data, consistent requirements for design and building documentation, better supply chain information on appropriate use of products and providing better tools to facilitate compliance, audit, surveillance, information sharing, training and interpretation of standards and codes”

The next roundtable will be held in Canberra in February 2021.


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