30 July 2018

Cyclone-belt homeowners benefit from $20m Household Resilience Program

The Insurance Council of Australia has welcomed the Palaszczuk Government’s $20 million Household Resilience Program as a positive initiative for the owners of older homes in North Queensland’s cyclone belt.
The Household Resilience Program will assist owners of homes built before 1984 to improve the safety and` resilience of their properties by undertaking roof upgrades, better roof tie-downs and strengthening of windows and doors where a builder deems these upgrades are required.
ICA CEO Rob Whelan said: “The insurance industry supports this initiative. Homes strengthened through the program could potentially place homeowners in a position to negotiate a reduction in their future building insurance premiums.”
Retro-fitting pre-1984 homes to improve their resilience against cyclones results in a lower-risk property, which may result in cheaper premiums.
The ICA encourages the owners of pre-1984 homes, located up to 50km from the coast between Bundaberg and Cooktown, to check their eligibility for the Household Resilience Program by visiting www.qld.gov.au/strongerhomes
“If this initiative can reduce the stress of homeowners in cyclone-prone areas just a little and also reduce the pressure on premiums, then it’s a program that should be supported and promoted,” Mr Whelan said.
“The program is an example of how governments can work to improve the resilience of homes and communities in disaster-prone regions. The ICA encourages governments at all levels to appreciate the importance of mitigation investment.”

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