28 June 2012

Roma flood mitigation commitment is a positive step, says Insurance Council

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) today welcomes the Queensland Government's announcement of a $100,000 commitment to enable Maranoa Regional Council to complete a plan to protect Roma from floods.

ICA CEO Rob Whelan said: “Insurers are encouraged to see the Queensland Government working with Maranoa Council on this project. This $100,000 investment is a positive step towards building a levy to protect Roma from floods.

“The ICA also welcomes the Queensland Government's promise to help fund the construction of the levy once planning is complete.

“A permanent and well-planned levy will provide peace of mind for the people of Roma, who have been hit by several floods in recent years. It will also be taken into account by insurers when offering policies and calculating premiums.

“The ICA believes similar planning should be underway for many other communities in floodprone areas of Australia."

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