18 December 2014

ICA urges property owners to complete final details of bushfire preparation

Media contact: Media adviser 02 9253 5161 0432 121 116 Twitter: @ICAUS Page 1 of 2 December 1 8 , 2014 ICA urg es property owners to complete final details of bushfire preparation With bushfire emergency warnings in place for parts of Victoria and South Australia, and fire emergency crews battling bushfires in the Barossa Valley , Insurance Council of Australia CEO Rob Whelan is urging residents of bushfire - prone areas to make sure they are adequately prepared for an emergency. �?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? time to review the processes y ou have in place to make sure that you and your family stay safe in case of a bushfire, and that your home is protected �?�?�?�?�?�? sa ys . �?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? s imple steps , such as clearing the gutters or trimming overhanging trees , can help prevent colossal damage to properties and even save lives. �?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? with the fire danger rating, draw up a bushfire survival plan and discuss it with your family. �? M r Whelan sa ys that underinsurance is one of the main issues regarding businesses and properties built in bushfire - prone areas. �?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? - risk areas would have to comply with stringent Bushfire Attack Level requirements, on top of normal rebuilding costs such as demolition, site clearance, planning and development permissions. This could leave underinsured business and property owners in serious financial distress. �? Mr Whelan urge s property owners to review their insurance p olicies, assess their risk and update their sum insured when necessary. �?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? inclusions and exclusions, contact your insurer. Updating your policy today could save you heartache and financial damage later �?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? ys . Financial literacy website Understand Insurance features tips to assist you in your bushfire preparations . U seful tips include : �? Finding out from your local council if you live in a bushfire - prone area �? Seek ing a professio nal assessment of your individual Bushfire Attack level �? Reviewing your home and contents policies and check your sum insured to avoid underinsurance . Have you prepared a room - by - room inventory? Media contact: Media adviser 02 9253 5161 0432 121 116 Twitter: @ICAUS Page 2 of 2 December 1 8 , 2014 - CONTINUED - �? Moving woodpiles or flammable materials away from your property and clearing the leaves from your gutter �? Contacting your local fire service and following their guidelines on how to prepare for a bushfire �? Checking that your vehicles are insured. Compulsory third party insurance does not cover damage o r destruction caused by fire. �?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? here or find out more information on bushfire preparation and rec overy on Understand Insurance website . Watch the testimonial of Winmalee Resident Richard Hurst, whose insurance cover enabled him to rebuild his house , which had been destroyed in the 20 1 3 Blue Mountains bushfires. - ENDS -

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