17 February 2009

Claims Received for Victorian Bushfires

To date, the general insurance industry has received approximately 5,450 claims in relation to the Victorian bushfires.

“Of all the claims received, approximately 10% are for motor vehicles and 90% are for building or contents,” said Ms Kerrie Kelly, Chief Executive of the Insurance Council.

“There are an estimated 1,300 claims for total loss of property that have been lodged with the general insurance industry,” said Ms Kelly.

“The Insurance Council encourages all policyholders to contact their insurers as a matter of priority. Once the initial claim has been lodged the claims process can begin,” Ms Kelly said.

“The Insurance Council and its members are working closely with the Victorian and Federal Governments to facilitate the recovery process. An insurance industry representative is available at each relief centre to assist policyholders with immediate needs and contact with their insurer.”  Ms Kelly said.

A large number of assessors are still waiting to gain access to affected areas, this situation is slowly improving as access to these areas is opened by authorities. As a consequence, it remains too early to place a dollar figure on the insured losses.

Any policyholders or relatives and friends of people affected by the bushfires, unable to locate their insurance documents can contact the Insurance Council on 1300 728 228 for assistance.

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