1 June 2009

Review of the General Insurance Code of Practice

The Board of the Insurance Council of Australia today announced the appointment of Mr Robert Cornall AO as the Independent Reviewer of the General Insurance Code of Practice (the Code).

Mr Cornall has extensive experience in conducting large scale reviews involving a diverse range of stakeholders such as government, regulators, industry and consumers. Mr Cornall was Secretary of the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department, a position he held for over eight years, until August 2008.  

The Code is the general insurance industry’s promise to be open, fair and honest in the way it deals with customers.  The Code commits insurers to high standards which they uphold in the services they provide to their customers.  These standards apply when selling insurance, dealing with insurance claims, responding to catastrophes and disasters, and handling complaints.   

Under the Terms of Reference, the Review will assess whether the Code of Practice:
• Promotes better, more informed relations between insurers and their customers
• Improves consumer confidence in the general insurance industry
• Provides better mechanisms for the resolution of complaints and disputes between insurers and their customers
• Commits insurers and the professionals they rely upon to higher standards of customer service.  

The Code Review will be conducted from 1 June 2009.  

The Independent Reviewer has today called for written submissions addressing the Terms of Reference, from all interested parties to be lodged with the Review Secretariat by 4.00pm on 1 July 2009.

Following this the Independent Reviewer will undertake consultations with interested parties around Australia. Details of the times and dates for the consultations and how to register will be made available on the Review website.

A dedicated website, www.codeofpracticereview.com.au has been established to receive submissions and provide information on the Review. Copies of the existing Code are available for download at the Review website or at the Code of Practice website www.codeofpractice.com.au  


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