6 May 2010

Winner of the Insurance Council of Australia 2010 Resilience Award

The Board of the Insurance Council of Australia today announced the winner of the 2010 Resilience Award.

The winner, Professor Stephen Robson, won the award for his emergency alert warning system known as YellowBird.

As the recipient of the 2010 Resilience Award, the ICA has awarded Professor Robson with a $50,000 cash prize.

The aim of the award is to increase community resilience to extreme weather events.

Extreme weather in Australia accounts for 19 of the 20 largest catastrophe events to take place in the last 40 years. While little can be done to stop extreme weather, the level of damage sustained by a community can be mitigated by a community being more resilient.

How quickly a community recovers from a disaster can also be managed. This is why raising awareness about community resilience is so important and is highlighted in the ICA’s Resilience Policy.

The ICA believes YellowBird makes a significant contribution to community resilience.

YellowBird is a simple modification to standard AM/FM radio circuitry that allows (during an emergency) for a tone to be broadcast in routine radio transmissions, to automatically switch on the radio to receive emergency warnings.

A demonstration of the winning entry by Professor Robson is available at www.insurancecouncil.com.au simply follow the links.

Entries this year were of such a high standard that the ICA also commended two entries, one from the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC) as well as the Torrens Resilience Institute. Details of their entries are available at the above web link.

The ICA would like to thank all those who made a submission to the award.


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