7 October 2010

ICA supports Disaster Resilience Plans

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) today welcomed the release of several joint Commonwealth and State plans for disaster resilience initiatives in 2010-11.

The ICA supports government initiatives that assist the community to become increasingly resilient to extreme weather events, recognising that it is in the national interest.

ICA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Rob Whelan, said every year Australian communities face devastating losses caused by disasters such as bushfires, floods, storms and other extreme weather events.

Mr Whelan said these disasters impact communities, the economy, infrastructure and the environment.

“Initiatives that assist communities to be better prepared and to successfully contribute to their own recovery and re-establishment will become even more important in the future,” he said.

In the past 12 months the ICA has developed a range of submissions calling for a greater emphasis by government on community adaptation to extreme weather events.

This includes: stronger building codes to protect structures from extreme weather hazards; more risk-appropriate use of land; greater emphasis on hazard mitigation infrastructure and; assistance for communities to help them better understand the potential risks they face.

The ICA also believes it requires policy settings at both federal and state levels encouraging individuals to financially protect themselves against loss.

“The joint plans announced today by the federal government are a good first step in establishing priorities at a state level that will assist at-risk communities and enhance their ability to withstand extreme weather events in the future,” Mr Whelan said.


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