Hydrology 2011 Reports 

The latest hydrology reports from the independent panel are now available:

Background to the study

In the aftermath of the devastating Queensland floods of December 2010 and January 2011, the Insurance Council of Australia established a Hydrology Panel comprising three experienced flood hydrologists to assess and report on the nature and causes of flooding in various localities across Queensland.

The purpose of these reports is to present a simple, clear and factual description of flooding behaviour that can be used by the general public and individual insurers to better understand 'what happened' and why. The foundation of these reports is rainfall and water level data recorded by federal and state government agencies (the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology; the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management and SEQWater); and by local councils. Discussions were held with representatives of local councils to hear first-hand of local flooding behaviour during these events.

These reports offer no comment or analysis of the management of flood risk during the flood events (such as flood forecasting and warning, together with flood preparation, response, relief and recovery activities), or the roles played by various agencies in these flood risk management activities. The reports are confined to rainfall and water level behaviour leading up to and during the flood events.

To foster understanding, various technical terms relevant to floods and flooding are defined in the report and a general description is given of the different types of floods and their causes.