Common Risks

Most risks to property are common-sense dangers or impediments to the appropriate functioning of insured property.

Large trees hanging over houses, drainage gutters blocked with debris and even minor rust damage to metal roofs are some common risks that consumers encounter. A tree could fall and crush a section of your house, blocked gutters could catch fire in a bushfire and rust could give way, collapsing your roof. Having appropriate security measures helps reduce the risk of burglary of theft.

Consumers applying common sense and honestly appraising their situation will be able to appropriately mitigate most risks.

The location of a property should also be taken into account. Property owners in flood, bushfire or cyclone prone regions should assess their risk when considering their insurance options. Many councils can provide flood maps that show historic flood levels, which can help property owners make appropriate insurance decisions.

In 2011, Geosciences Australia started modernising the national approach to flood mapping to benefit community planning and property owners.