Understand Insurance

Though most Australians know insurance is a necessary part of their lives, many are unsure about what their policies cover, whether they have enough or even what they need. Others don’t take out insurance because they may not know how it works, how it may be relevant to their lives and where to start.

The Understand Insurance website (www.understandinsurance.com.au) provides practical information to help you find out more about insurance and make decisions that meet your needs. It looks at what insurers do, how insurance products work and why you might need it. It also explores understanding your risks, what to consider when choosing a product and an insurer, how to manage the cost of a premium and how to lodge a claim.

 It is a handy guide to almost every aspect of general insurance, including detailed information on most common product categories, including home and contents, car, travel, boat, business and even pet insurance.

 This website is packed with checklists and top tips, as well as real testimonials from everyday Australians who talk about their experiences with insurance, from a smooth claims process through to the consequences of not having insurance when something goes wrong.

 It also offers useful tools to help you find an insurer or an insurance broker, or calculate the value of your home and your contents to help prevent underinsurance.

 Understand Insurance gives you practical information to assist you in finding the right policy for your needs, and protect yourself and your loved ones against life’s uncertainties.

 Understand Insurance is an initiative of the Insurance Council of Australia, the peak body for the general insurance industry.

 In creating Understand Insurance, the Insurance Council consulted widely with consumer groups, consumer legal services, disability advocates, regulators and government agencies to help make the website as accessible and accurate as possible.