2 February 2009

Taskforce to Handle Recovery from Victorian Bushfires

The Insurance Council of Australia has today issued advice for residents affected by bushfires in Victoria.

“To ensure a speedy recovery process, the Insurance Council is working with the Victorian Government as well as authorities in the local shires of Gippsland and La Trobe City,” Chief Executive of the Insurance Council of Australia, Kerrie Kelly said.

The Insurance Council encourages policyholders to:
• Make contact with your insurance company as soon as possible and seek advice about the claim process under your policy.
• Do not be concerned if insurance documents are not readily at hand. Insurance companies keep records electronically and only require the policyholders’ name and address in order to locate a policy.
• Contact your insurer before authorising major repairs.
• It will assist the claim process if you make an inventory of the possessions that have been damaged as a result of the bushfires.
• Insurance policies vary. It is important to check what you are covered for and what you are not covered for.   
• Your insurer is there to help, seek clarification from them in the first instance.

The general insurance industry has established a taskforce for this event and will continue to liaise with local authorities throughout the recovery process. Policyholders should speak to their insurer to begin the process of any claims that will be lodged.


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